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The Girl with the Straw Hat and the Notebook

Notebook LadyUmbrella - The straw hat and sandals

The Girl with the Straw Hat and the Notebook

Every time I travel, some of the first things I pack are:
– fiction book: (most recently) The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery
– a notebook: LadyUmbrella Notebook My little notebook of little things

It might sound silly but I know that when I’m traveling I always have some free time to stop doing things, so it means I can read or think about new projects that I’m going to do in the next few weeks. Do you know what I mean? My work with LadyUmbrella and as graphic designer keep me in front of a computer almost the whole day so at home there is not much “free time” for me so trips are a great break for my brain to relax and think about things more calmly. And it really works, because LadyUmbrella was born on a trip from Madrid to Dublin a few years ago.

Notebook LadyUmbrella - Unique illustrations

Me and Rob went to Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) for a small little break in a sunny and warm island, trying to get away from the Irish weather for just few days. The weather wasn’t very warm but it was sunny, soooo I was happy to be able to wear my straw hat.

Notebook LadyUmbrella

I was able to write down lots of things in the notebook that I needed to put in order in my head. It’s a very handy notebook because I divided in different sections to make your life much more easier..and mine, of course:
1- Calendar
2- My little writings: random ideas that come to my head
3- Things to remember: very important things that I have to do and I didn’t do yet. On my to do list after this break I have to: order more washitape online for our order packaging, work on a new promotional video, start working on the look book for our new dresses, search online for new fabrics for future LadyUmbrella products).
4- Things I can’t forget: things that you probably forgot already that you really don’t want to forget anymore.
5- Personal information: warning! if you are afraid that you could lose your notebook, you must fill this section.
All of the sections of course have little cute drawings of Little LadyU (very, very cute). I’ll do another post about the different doodles that you can find in the notebook and maybe I’ll explain how little LadyU was born.

Notebook LadyUmbrella - My little notebook

One of the duties I wrote in my little notebook in Fuerteventura was to write this blog about Fuerteventura and my notebook…so I’m going to scratch it from my notebook right now.


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