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Summer Dresses – Formentera Collection

Summer Dresses – Formentera Collection


Are you ready for the summer? In LadyUmbrella we are, we’ve just launched our summer dresses. 4 dresses that are perfect to wear to the beach or out and about in the sun.

They are fresh, light and very comfortable. The illustrations are exclusive designs for the Formentera Collection with bright colours and cute illustrations being the leitmotif of this collection, creating a fresh and very coherent collection.

Our Photoshoot was shot in the beautiful island of Formentera (one of the Balearic Islands, Spain).

Little Black Dress

Summer-dresses-black dress-Formentera dress collection

Summer-dresses-black dress-Formentera LadyUmbrella

Summer-dresses-black dress-beach dresses
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Love Bunting – Summer Dress

Summer-dresses-cream dress-LadyUmbrella

Summer-dresses-cream dress-Beach collection

Summer-dresses-cream dress-Formentera LadyUmbrella

Summer-dresses-cream dress-Formentera beach dress
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The Birdy – Summer Dress

Summer-dresses-cream dress-beach dress

Summer-dresses-cream dress-Formentera summer

Summer-dresses-cream dress-Formentera dress collection

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The Beach Girl – Summer Dress

Summer-dresses-blue dress-beach collection

Summer-dresses-blue dress-summer


Summer-dresses-blue dress-Formentera dress collection

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Want to find out the story behind the dresses? You can read about it here in our new “behind the dresses” blog post.

Why Dresses, Not T-Shirts?
A change is always good isn’t it? And, our ladies t-shirts are still available of course :)

Special Thanks To
It’s important to say special thanks to Yolanda and Anna Costa from the heavenly like island of Formentera. Yolanda modeled some of the dresses and Anna helped us find the best spots on the island for the photoshoot and ultimately, their, and the islands impact was such that we name the collection of the dresses – The Formentera Collection!

Hope you like them, ole!