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Street Style – Numero 1

Street Style - LadyUmbrella Model

Street Style – Número 1

I love blogs about street style. I can spend few hours a days checking blogs where people talk about what they wear and how they wear it, but my favorite blogs are those that are focused on the street styles of specific cities. My favourite is Japanesestreets. Of course, my intention is not to compete with these kinds of blogs, but I thought that it would be nice to share some of the LadyUmbrella styles that I wear in my wonderful, marvelous and exciting life… (if you didn’t notice I might have exaggerated a little bit there).

Street Style - LadyUmbrella

Anyway, this first street style post is about the t-shirt – LadyUmbrella and the Merry Go Round. Myself and boyfriend went to the garden shop to buy some eatable plants (we weren’t sure which ones yet). My boyfriend, Rob is his name, is crazy about gardening, even he doesn’t like vegetables much, but he will eat his homegrown vegetables, just because he grow them.. A typical hunter gatherer ;)

At one point I escaped from his boring and monotone speeches about growing techniques and myself and LadyUmbrella went for a walk around the different plants, pots, flowers, bushes and trees… and everything was peace and love*

Street Style - LadyUmbrella Fashion Style
In the above street style photo I’m wearing:

  • T-shirt – LadyUmbrella and the Merry Go Round
  • Denim jacket – Vintage
  • Brooch – Sacs & Complements/li>
  • Scarf – American Apparel
  • Trousers – Zara
  • Runners – Aldo

Street Style - LadyUmbrella Blog

In the end, after spending some time walking around the garden centre, he decided to buy a strawberry plant, because who doesn’t like strawberries?

Street Style - LadyUmbrella Numero 1

…sorry forgot to mention this street style. I went to London for a weekend with the same boyfriend who is mad about strawberries and we visit the Camden Lock Market, it is a huge market and they sell lots of different kind of stuff – I bought a jumper and ate some ice-cream but I couldn’t feed the horses…

  • T-shirt – LadyUmbrella and the Merry Go Round
  • Jacket – River Island
  • Trousers – Zara
  • Belt – Topshop

If you have any street styles of you with LadyUmbrella that you’d like to share please send your photos to us at info@ladyumbrella.com. If you’re looking to buy some LadyUmbrella then get yourself to the shop and until the next street style post – Stay Happy

*please be aware that the pictures were taken on a very sunny day, if you are wearing LadyUmbrella t-shirt and it is raining, you might not feel peace and love, but still, the t-shirt will look good on you.


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