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As you know (and if you didn’t, well, now is the time) LadyUmbrella moved to Madrid, Spain and we are living happily in the city…You know that when something changes in your life you think about new challenges in your life. So my new challenge at the moment is to live in this city as I’ve never done before (maybe you didn’t know that I’m from Madrid…but, now you do!) and find the best markets, restaurants, cafes and shops to stock LadyUmbrella! If you are curious about what I’m doing, visiting or eating…don’t you worry, good news, I’m going to post it here just for you…

This weekend was the trip to the Nomada Market in Chamartin (train station north of the city). It was a temporary market, held in the vast attic of the train station, which lasted for the weekend – but don’t you worry they will be there again this summer again (4th – 6th of June).

I had been looking forward to visiting the market for a long time, so I grabbed my favourite handbag, my friend Mireia (and now marketing manager for LadyUmbrella in Spain! ;)) and Rob, well, came along too.

Nomada Market - Photoshoot

And, at the entrance of the Market waiting for us there was a photographer with camera in hand, a big mattress and the words “Playtime” hanging from the ceiling and lights ready to flash from every angle. After jumping for a while, and many clicks of the camera later, we viewed the high-speed camera photos..We were happy with our picture and the guys from the Market uploaded it to their Facebook page, nice!

The market had lots of stands, I think in total were 180 brands and the brands were designers of clothing, jewellery, photography, illustrations, ceramics, decorations and food, glorious food…

We were talking with some of the designers and took pictures of some of their products but it wasn’t easy, for me… I always find myself shy in these situations but I asked myself if roles were reversed, and if I was selling LadyUmbrella at NOMADA (hopefully this summer??), would I like a random blogger to come and talk to me, and I think I would..So, I went and met some talented and friendly designers and I’m glad I did! Let me know which of them is your fave and make sure you check them out!



She is illustrator and designer and I fell in love with her hand painted ceramics. She explained as well that she has a shop in Madrid called “The Suitcase” (a great name I think!) which she runs with other Spanish designers…so I might have to visit that shop soon.
ElAtelierdePolarite - Nomada Market - Madrid


They make handmade woollen scarfs, hand knitted bracelets and they sell lovely fabrics as well. What really caught my attention were the animal heads made of straw. Anyway if you want to check more about OhMyHands check their Pinterest account as they have lovely pictures of their designs.
OhMyHands - Nomada Market - LadyUmbrella

Sugar Garden

Picture the scene, we are half way through the Market, a little tired, too much shopping, need energy, quick! And then, cupcake, sweet sweet cupcakes! The velvet cupcake for me please. Delicious. Now, more shopping ;)
Sugar-Garden - Nomada Market - LadyUmbrella - Mercadillos

Atelier Vintage

They had lovely stuff for decorating your home, shop or anywhere really – letters and shapes made of wood, cabinets and everything in between – all with this new vintage touch that everybody likes. Why did I not get anything? Why? I might have to wait until the next market sniff.
AtelierVintage50 - Nomada Market - LadyUmbrella


And last but not least is Kuka from Barcelona. She was happy to let us take pictures of her lovely fabric cacti…Although she didn’t want us to take a picture of her…oops. Well I hope she doesn’t get upset but the photos are lovely :) We told her that her designs were gorgeous and we bought one each (the orange with white dots is mine now).
www.kuskabcn.com - Nomada Market - LadyUmbrella
Exhausted we left NOMADA Market and we agreed that it was time to go for few cervezas in Madrid and to plan for LadyUmbrella someday making it to NOMADA and being behind a stall! Ole..


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