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Our Handbag Traveled to Italy – Handbag Tales

Leather Handbag - LadyUmbrella

Our Handbag Traveled to Italy – Handbag Tales

A few months ago we received a sample of our leather handbag and I couldn’t resist the chance to to take it with me on a trip we had planned to Italy. I figured if we were going to one of the fashion capitals of the world I should bring my handbag and see how it stood up against the rest.

I wanted to test the new LadyUmbrella handbag in real life, to see if it could handle the comings and goings, the early starts and the hustle and bustle of a busy tourist. I was continually taking the map out of the handbag so the zip got a lot of exercise as did the inner pocket of the bag (the perfect place to keep phones and keys, things you want to find without having to rummage).

Trip to Italy - LadyUmbrella

Some of the places our handbag visited in Italy

When we were in Italy we visited three cities – Sienna, Venice and Florence – and I’m pretty sure I took a picture of the handbag in each of them. Have you ever been to Italy? It really is a lovely country with some amazing architecture, history and oodles of style – I think the bag fitted in nicely there :)

All in all I’m happy to report that the handbag passed the test, it is a good handbag and very comfortable to wear. In Italy I wore it across my chest because it was the best option for the trip – it’s more comfortable to wear that way when you’ve got lots of walking to (and we did). When I’m in Dublin I prefer to just let the bag hang on my shoulder so I can get quicker access to whatever I want to get from my bag. What about you? Any handbag wearing strategies that you follow?

Anyway I know for sure that the LadyUmbrella handbag is coming with me on my next trip and we hope you’ll be bringing it with you on one of your trips soon too :) Ole!

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