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Your Original LadyUmbrella

The Original LadyUmbrella

It’s a question that we get asked a lot – “How or why did LadyUmbrella come about?” – but finally we now have a photo to sum it up for you!

LadyUmbrella was created in 2008 by Elena Montes when she first arrived here in Dublin from Madrid. Elena, being a Madrid native, was not used to the amount of rain we get here in Ireland and couldn’t help but notice the accompanying amount of umbrellas. These umbrellas obscured and hid peoples faces and so Elena got the idea of LadyUmbrella – a lady with an umbrella for a head, kind of like the photo shows! After a few months of doodling Elena settled on the final design for the LadyUmbrella character and so, the legend began ;)

Over the years Elena has put the LadyUmbrella character onto ladies t-shirts, jeans, notebooks, totebags, handbags, stickers, badges and prints and we now have some dresses in the pipeline for later this year.

The LadyUmbrella journey is only picking up pace now and the support (and sales) we’ve received since relaunching are awesome so thank you! Don’t stop shopping hehe :)

For those of you who are just finding out about LadyUmbrella for the first time now check out our first video below from December ’09 detailing “How LadyUmbrella Comes to Life”.. Hope you enjoy and if you can remember when you first met LadyUmbrella please comment below, would love to hear your stories!


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