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Little LadyU Notebooks – The 3 Wise Queens

Perfect Notebook for a present

We were recently away in Madrid, where Elena hails from, to celebrate the Los Reyes Magos on the 6th of January. Whilst there we met up with some of Elena’s friends, fondly referred to here as “The 3 Wise Queens” and gave them a gift of the new Little LadyU notebook. Elena was in art college with them and so she could be sure to get some honest feedback on new illustrated notebooks. Thankfully, it was all positive.

The new Little LadyU notebooks have been in the pipeline for about 18 months. It has been one long, drawn out development process but it is our first time attempting to create a notebook of this complexity. The first notebook we created was a lot easier to develop but it only had a few illustrations – this notebook has loads of them, as well as different sections and page types, a different breed of animal altogether.

Illustrated Notebooks - 3 Wise Queens

Throughout the 18 months Elena was continually refining her illustrations, deciding which ones to include and the format of the notebook. The notebook contains lined pages for your notes and doodles, a calendar section for 2014 and 2015, a to-do list planner and more cute illustrations than you can shake a bit stick at. We’re really happy with how the new notebooks have turned out and they might not be the last of them. If/when we are nearly sold out of these notebooks we’ll get to work on a new one for you – we’re nice like that :)

If you haven’t got yourself a notebook yet you can check them out here and don’t be scared to add one to your card..

It’s good to be back – ole!


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