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Leather and Canvas Handbag – New Handbag Video

Leather and Canvas Handbag - LadyUmbrella

Leather Handbag from LadyUmbrella - Handbag photoFinally!! We’ve launched our new handbags! We had some tote bags before, which you thankfully snapped up and sold us out of, and so we decided to add a new LadyUmbrella product, a leather and canvas handbag. Having primarily designed t-shirts before there was a bit of a learning curve associated with handbag design but Elena was determined and she made it happen.

Our leather and canvas bag comes with an illustrated print on the canvas and the leather is light brown, super soft and altogether rather fine cowhide. The bag has pink lining (of course!), an inner zip pocket and a sturdy meter long leather strap. Prior to launching we put together this homemade video of the new handbag – hope you enjoy.

As the video shows, like always, the way we package and ship our products to you is important to us because our t-shirts and handbags are important to us. We want you to know that we care :)

Leather Handbag from LadyUmbrella - Packaging

All in all it’s good to be back in the swing of things in LadyUmbrella HQ – we had been away for too long. We were busy working on new products and redeveloping this site which resulted in making videos, marketing and talking to you guys take the back seat. I can assure you you’re back in the front seat now :)

The relaunch of this site and our new handbags is only the beginning. We have big things in the pipeline and some new products just around the corner (remember the dresses we talked about in the past, well, they will be released soon). We hope you’ll help us make 2014 the best year yet for LadyUmbrella, we’re already looking forward to sending these handbags to you all over the globe, LadyU loves to travel :)

Stay Happy and Ole!


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