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How it all began with Questra (AGAM) pyramid scheme

How it all began with Questra (AGAM) pyramid scheme

We will try to tell investors and site visitors how the scam Questra (AGAM) started and developed, in the narrative format.

Team 2011-2013 is a well-known OCG, that is where the scam Questra stems from.

After its past quite successful and profitable Internet scams, the team, which is presented here (Konstantin Mamchur, Aleksandr Prochukhan, and Cheslav Pestyuk, and their Russian-Kazakh co-owners Stanislav Kravtsov and Fanis Dzhuraev) decided to once again fool the Internet and earn money at the expense of its trusting Investors and MLM partners, as they have started to run low on the money they had gained during the old financial scams and needed more funds for good living, to which they have accustomed at your expense, my dear friends and comrades. The five people had previously created and controlled financial pyramids; this is a collective and organized criminal community led by Aleksandr Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk.

The website questra.es was created, and an offshore in the British Virgin Islands (Questra Holdings Inc) was bought; for this purpose, the scammers rent an office in Murcia (Spain) at Av. Doctor Pedro Guillen, 5, 30100, which serve as window dressing and confirmation of the fictitious Spanish (European) origin of the company. Two emigrants were hired to take charge of the office, Ekaterina Levitskaya and her husband Evgeny Dudka. Questra Holdings Inc (questra.es) began to position itself as a European company, although it had no relation to Europe (except for a bank account in Cyprus and a semi-legal office in Murcia). According to the scammers, the company was engaged in collection business in Spain (as it turned out later, offshore companies do not have the right to engage in collection business in the EU, and this activity is subject to a license, even for local companies; obviously, the scammers did not have a license). To lend pathos, the scammers created a lenged, according to which Questra Holdings Inc is a new name, whereas the company had been previously known as SFG Group and worked in the market since 2009 – none of these statements have not been confirmed in reality. To expand and attract investors, the company began using the MLM scheme (multi-level network marketing), and launched not only attraction of investors’ financial resources at 5-7% per week, but also a multi-level network affiliate program (which rewarded not only the person who brought the new investor to the scammers, but also its entire structure to the very top) on its website Questra Holdings Inc (questra.es). For this purpose, the pseudo-European company would allocate up to 15% of the funds deposited. The work with investors was based on a rather primitive scheme; first, they would send out an investment contract (on behalf of an offshore company), and then the funds were accepted (and are accepted to this day) through questionable schemes and dubious and illegal electronic payment systems on the Internet (Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Okpay). It was allowed (and still is) to transfer funds within the website without any paper contracts and official postings; funds in the territory of Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan were and are accepted in cash and in any currency (thereby violating the currency laws of countries, laws on the origin of money, the law on money laundering and legalization of black capital). Most of the operations have been and are currently carried out using ‘black cash’ format in the MLM structure – as it was in the MMM system (Sergey Mavrodi), without any contracts or checks.

The initial Questra Holdings Inc (questra.es) managed to discredit itself completely in a very short time: the European company’s Perfect Money account was opened in the name of an individual and in the territory of Ukraine (and was verified) – by the way, this account still functions and accepts/issues funds (even after the company was split. The specified directors and the supreme council of the company (their names and photos) were falsified (pictures were simply downloaded from the Internet and the names of different were attached to them). The office in Murcia was not so easy to visit, and it existed only for a show (video, photo) and for sending out unsecured investment contracts. The fund's activities, its insurance fund, audits and reports were not backed by anything, and were mere .pdf files. According to the scammers, the company was regulated by a financial regulator in the UK, but all the registries gave a negative response, both then and now – so the scammers just mislead the investors with their lies, and cannot provide any documents.

Meanwhile, Questra Holdings Inc (questra.es) has begun its work on the popular Russian forum of scammers (top forum in the field of financial pyramids) mmgp.ru. That’s where Konstantin Mamchur comes into play by creating a series of fake accounts, starting a topic on the forum, and beginning to work on users. In parallel, Konstantin Mamchur, whom the scammers Aleksandr Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk entrusted to play a leading part, began promoting and advertising the scam in the territory of Western Ukraine, first in the Internet and the social network VK.com. Given the fact the financial pyramid Questra Holdings Inc (questra.es) was created using the marketing methods of scams already existing in the territory of Ukraine, the methods of promotion were similar. Konstantin Mamchur hit on his old MLM contacts and started opening offices in various cities of Ukraine (which legally provided only advice to investors, and in reality, they were brainwashing people, and continue doing so). In those offices, scattered all over Ukraine, they held seminars and zombified people, providing deliberately false information about the financial scam Questra Holdings Inc (questra.es); in the offices, they accepted cash or non-cash deposits (to the accounts of ordinary fraudsters). Both in social networks and in real life, the scammers demonstrated rich lifestyle: they bought expensive cars, clothes, gadgets, and mobile phones. The scammers created a program on the internet that included step-by-step goals and the correct positioning of oneself before simple investors: photos from beautiful places, restaurants, photos with money and expensive cars, and things like that, with the purpose of showing a decent and rich lifestyle at the expense of interest that ordinary fraudsters receive from the attracted investors, and this interest is accrued up the chain to the top. Konstantin Mamchur together with Aleksandr Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk managed to develop a scheme of distribution and promotion of the financial scam on the territory of Ukraine; Konstantin Mamchur was the one to independently open a dozen offices and conduct trainings for ordinary fraudsters as well as seminars for potential investors throughout Ukraine. He developed methodical materials for the opening of offices and concluded contracts for the rent of halls and hotels for seminars, gatherings, congresses and trainings for potential fraudsters in Ukraine.

After seeing that the Questra Holdings Inc scam (questra.es) gives a positive result through deception, spoofing, illegal and underground work, and the human networks of MLM structures, Aleksandr Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk decided to get involved. Aleksandr Prochukhan continued to keep on the sidelines, minimally participating in the life of the pyramid on the Internet and controlling the office in Vinnitsa (his hometown), as well as the scam flows. To advertise and position as a ‘rich’ company, Aleksandr Prochukhan bought a Ferrari, which served as a model of profitability and demonstrated the opportunity to earn with scammers. Cheslav Pestyuk brought along his old companions Stanislav Kravtsov and Fanis Dzhuraev, who began promoting the pyramid scheme to new geographical horizons. Konstantin Mamchur officially declared that the whole structure was transferred to the ‘millionaire’ Cheslav Pestyuk with the aim of arranging the same schemes in other countries. He thus emphasized and proved what many investors had initially voiced, i.e. that there was a single OCG operating under Cheslav Pestyuk.

Using the Questra Holdings Inc scheme (questra.es), tested in Ukraine and created with the assistance of Konstantin Mamchur, Cheslav Pestyuk, Fanis Dzhuraev, and Stanislav Kravtsov took up the development of Russia and Kazakhstan. Most likely, the scammers divided the countries between them so that their teams would not compete in the same territory. Konstantin Mamchur and his team had Ukraine (and later they went to Poland and other EU countries), while Cheslav Pestyuk and his faithful accomplices Stanislav Kravtsov and Fanis Dzhuraev began working on people in Russia and Kazakhstan. The methodology of promotion was the same; using the leaders of the MLM world, they conduct seminars and trainings, during which they tell about the incredible success of Questra Holdings Inc (questra.es) as a European company able to give 15% interest of attracting people and accrue bonuses (EUR 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 25,000, 50,000, 150,000, 500,000, and 1 million) at the corresponding levels of attracting depositors into the pyramid, and which is able to pay 20-30% of net profit per month. Then the investors are converted into accomplices, who open offices in their cities and draw their fellow citizens into their criminal scam, promising profitability, reliability, legality and a rich lifestyle (relying on their personal experience).

At the moment, Pestyuk, Kravtsov, and Kravtsov have opened a total of more than 40 offices on the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan, and created a large dealer network of people spreading the ‘idea of earnings’ to the masses, since the deposit (at the minimum rate) makes only EUR 90; in a year, the scammers promise to return a total of 3 times more. Profit may be withdrawn on a weekly basis. These individuals unequivocally stand at the head of the financial pyramid and receive interest from each depositor, consciously promoting the scam on the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the EU, hold seminars and trainings, where they tell people an outright lie about the company (which is a financial pyramid), and attract funds of financially and legally illiterate people, and people who want to risk and pull their money through the pyramid. Offices are opened in Russia and Kazakhstan, people are invited to attend seminars and trainings, where they are told vicious lies about the prospects and activities of the financial pyramid, deposits in any currency are accepted on the spot, without any contracts or legal grounds – in these countries, the coverage of fraudsters is quite substantial, and the depositors mainly comprise of pensioners and young people, that is, socially unprotected strata of the population. All this is done under the sign of the advertising broker Questra World; supposedly, it does not attract investors and investments, but consults, educates, advertises, and talks about the wonderful opportunities; in reality, however, it is a legal ploy to work in countries where financial pyramids are prohibited, such as Kazakhstan, Russia, and the EU countries.

At some stage of development, when Konstantin Mamchur under the direction of Cheslav Pestyuk and Aleksandr Prochukhan decided to enter the European Union market, they close their business and the website Questra Holdings Inc (questra.es), which by that time had fulfilled its stated goals and acquired a negative specific; the office in Murcia had to be closed. The scam did not stop, but divided into 2 companies, namely Questra World with its website questraworld.es – the company Questra World SL em Espanha had been bought specifically for that purpose; the company was supposed to be engaged in advertising and be positioned as an advertising broker to advertise the scam around the world, and provide scammers with a semi-legal cover for their activities (even when concluding a contract with ordinary swindlers), and Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM (atlanticgam.es), which had to directly accept funds from investors and be engaged in investment; it is located as far as possible from everyone – in Cabo Verde, West Africa.

For the first company, Questra World SL em Espanha questraworld.es, offices in Madrid were rented: Calendula, 93 Edificio E 28109 Moraleja MADRID, Spain and 28046 Madrid, Paseo de la Castellana 9, floor 3, office C, , and public figures were hired as directors. The person lying on behalf of the company is Jose Manuel Gilbert. The company has an authorized capital of just EUR 3,000, it is registered in the name of a nominal owner, and is a cover for scammers. To confirm the company is from Europe, it is positioned as an advertising broker, conducts trainings for so-called leaders and directors, and grants thousands of bonuses. All this is done in the territory of Spain, in violation of the Spanish legislation on financial pyramids (they are prohibited) and multi-level network marketing (MLM), which is also prohibited. Naturally, the Spanish authorities are not aware of the scam, do not realize what amount of bonuses and remuneration Questra World SL em Espanha pays, and how it relates to its activities and tax returns. All this is controlled by scammers, and directly Konstantin Mamchur, who has been in Spain for almost a year now, and keeps in touch not only with offices but also with accomplices from around the world; they visit the office for training, receiving bonus money, and signing contracts. It is the advertising broker Questra World SL em Espanha, which voices all scammers’ plans for ordinary investors or for those involved in attracting investors.

Public directors were also hired for the second company, Atlantic Global Asset Management, AGAM (atlanticgam.es); they are Antonino Vieira Robalo and Andrey Andreevich Abakumov. Despite the fact that the company is registered in Cabo Verde, it actually does not have an office there. The license, which was acquired for its activity and which they used for attach a halo of legality the financial pyramid covers Cabo Verde only, and does not provide an opportunity to work in the financial markets or the market of trust management of investors' funds in the CIS or EU countries. The alleged Executive Director Antonino Vieira Robalo is not in Cabo Verde, but in Madrid (Spain), where unsecured investment contracts are sent from to investors. The office of Questra World SL em Espanha is the originator of all correspondence, signed by Antonino Vieira Robalo. Antonino Vieira Robalo (as we had previously mentioned) is an exciting character; in some documents, he is a dark-skinned man, while in the Western and European press releases published by scammers, he is a white professor. Fund President Andrey Andreevich Abakumov is a very interesting fellow too. In 1994 in Moscow, he was declared wanted for swindling for concluding loan agreements worth 2 billion rubles on behalf on the Multidenezhny Fond Trust Company and disappearing with the money. That is, he is clearly a fraudster; here’s hoping that law enforcement bodies will look up this story from 1994 and add it to the ‘list of honors’ of scammers.

The reasons the scammers give for the need for funds they attract under the crazy 200-300% per annum! Collection business, business in the field of IPO, and payment business; they openly lied about the purchase of TACV Cabo-Verde Airlines in Cabo Verde and its transfer to IPO – this deception was almost immediately revealed. They used to do agriculture in Africa and China and also deal with cryptocurrency. The latest news that the Global Global Asset Management fund bought a whole bank – although there are absolutely no specifics, no name of the bank, no license, and not even the country of purchase – is nothing but an outright lie. All these fictitious types of activities are voiced at seminars and training sessions with the participation of the following public figures of both companies: Antonino Vieira Robalo, Andrey Andreevich Abakumov, and Jose Manuel Gilbert, is a deliberate lie for investors in order to conceal the financial pyramid and PR the company in order to further attract and retain depositors' funds already raised in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and EU countries. The above-mentioned persons were hired by scammers for the purpose of voicing all this in the masses and raising the unconfirmed authority of companies, taking into account that no directions of scammers’ activity have been proved or confirmed by an audit, license or other format or manner. Meanwhile, the fraudsters have increased the size of attracted investments (added new packages) to amounts of 1, 2.5, and 5 million euro.

It is noteworthy that although Questra World SL and Atlantic Global Asset Management are legally different companies, they comprise a single scam for dividing the activities and their roles in this financial pyramid. It should be noted that in many countries, the activity of Questra World SL and Atlantic Global Asset Management has already been banned due to suspicion of financial fraud, creation of a financial pyramid, illegality, and lack of a real (and not African) license for operation; these countries are United Kingdom, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belgium, and Austria. Financial and government regulators, including national banks, have issued their statements warning the investors against financial relations with scammers from Questra World SL and Atlantic Global Asset Management.

Konstantin Mamchur, Cheslav Pestyuk, Aleksandr Prochukhan, Stanislav Kravtsov, and Fanis Dzhuraev are the direct (actual) puppeteers and recipients of financial benefits. The received funds are cashed and laundered in the EU, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Russia through the purchase of expensive cars and real estate, luxury lifestyle, business class flights, and the purchase of expensive things. Since the launch of the fraud, these people have shown themselves as the creators of this whole scam. Later, when Questra reached the sufficient cash turnovers, they were able to take a back seat, invest the money in fictitious companies, and hire public persons to clean themselves of suspicions and not be held liable under the criminal code of the countries, in which the financial pyramids Questra and AGAM operate and attract funds under 200-300% per annum. The approximate total financial turnover of the financial scam is 700 million euros. These funds are not controlled in any way and are not subject to income tax; they can participate in any fraud, crime, financing of terrorism or other criminal acts on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the whole EU.

The end of most financial pyramids is well-known. Questra World SL and Atlantic Global Asset Management await a similar fate; the investors will lose their money, and the scam creators Konstantin Mamchur, Cheslav Pestyuk, Aleksandr Prochukhan, Stanislav Kravtsov, and Fanis Dzhuraev will try to legalize their criminal proceeds and hide in the territory of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, or Russia, or maybe even in EU countries, which should be prevented during the very operation of the financial pyramid Questra World SL (Atlantic Global Asset Management); the fraudsters should be held criminally liable. Whereas, they already attempt to stay off the investors’ radar and replace themselves with dummy persons; they gradually leave the information space, having other scam ‘promoters’ do their job. The scam is already extending to the Asian region, Turkey, and other countries.


Please note: This material will be supplemented in the lyric-narrative genre up until the elimination of the financial pyramid, because it is more important how it all ends than how it began. All the facts articulated in the material are available on our website; you can request any clarifications or confirmations. If you have any additions or other valuable information (including in photo or video format), please submit it to mailto: scamquestra.com@yahoo.comшаблоны для dle 11.2



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