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I Don’t Like to Write Letters…I Like to Draw Them

Drawings Little LadyU

I Don’t Like to Write Letters… I Like to Draw Them

In LadyUmbrella we love to give a personal touch to everything we do, not just in our products but in our customer service too. This is why we started to write personal messages on the letters that we sent with orders of ladies t-shirts or for online purchases – maybe you’ve gotten one of these letters?

The only problem is that I don’t like to write letters… but Rob kept telling me to do it..

I wanted to do it, but I was staring at the piece of paper for 10 minutes without knowing what to say or what to write… then I thought that a small doodle might save my life..and it did (well I just felt relief, I wasn’t going to die or anything like that ;))..

I started to draw small doodles of LadyUmbrella (you know, that lady with an umbrella for a head) and her friends “the birdies”. I have to say that I enjoyed drawing them, and I think that I’ve drawn more than 100 different doodles. I love it and at the same time it was a challenge for me, because I was always trying to draw something different and sometimes I surprised myself with supercute doodles :) At the same time the drawings were evolving and getting more refined and clear.

You can see the progress in the illustrations in the images below.

Illustrations Little LadyU

I started working a little bit more on the illustrations/doodles and I worked with them digitally with the program Illustrator. The sequence of photos above show the transition from doodle to digital. To draw all the doodles in Illustrator was a very long process, but when you see the final product you’ll know it was worth the effort.

I Don’t Like to Write Letters… I Like to Draw Them

I named the collection of doodles Little LadyU, what else could you name it? That was the easiest part. But I didn’t want to stop it there. I wanted to do something else with Little LadyU and design something with it. I wanted something that I could add a lot of the illustrations of Little LadyU to and I wanted something cute (I love cute things), so the decision was made. It was going to be a notebook, a very special illustrated notebook, with looots of illustrations of Little LadyU inside…and after editing, reediting and a little bit more of editing. We finally got them.

Illustrations and notes LadyUmbrella notebook

The notebook has a calendar, a section for “My little writings” and a section for “Little things to remember” and of course the name of the notebook name is “My Little Notebook of Little Things” because it is made for Little LadyU.

Illustrated Notebook - Doodles

My favourite section is “Little things to remember” section because each page has a little illustration (top and bottom) of Little LadyU or her little friends, or her little things.

Illustrated Notebook - Cute Doodles

Illustrated Notebook - Cute Doodles & Notes

Are you on Pinterest? You can check more of my Little LadyU illustrations on my Pinterest

Illustrated Notebook - Cute Doodles & Pinterest

Illustrated Notebook - Cute Birds Doodles

Illustrated Notebook - Cute Doodles Bird and LittleLadyU

LadyUmbrella Notebook

…and finally you can check (and get yourself) the final notebook here. For me I’m very happy that what started out as special doodles for customers have now become a product in themselves…I wonder what’ll be next?


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